Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mazinger Angels Ch.13 and volume 2 batch

 Well, here's volume 2, finished. This means I'm halfway done with the series already (or 1/3 done, counting the two volumes of Mazinger Angels Z).
Also, there's really no need to get the full batch if you already got the other chapters before. I only had to fix like, two or three typos total this time.

Volume 1 can be found here, by the way.


  1. Thanks for all your effort, your work and for make us able to read this manga. seriously. This kind of thing is what mkes me hve faith in some thing ;)

  2. Thanx a lot buddy!
    Any other plans after finishing this one?

  3. Ha ha! So you're doing Mazinger Angels Z after that! That's great news! Thanks a million!

    Any chance to see Mazinger Otome and Mazinger Otome Taisen?