Monday, August 17, 2015

Some doujin releases

Anonymous at /m/ bought and scanned some Symphogear doujins, so I went ahead and translated one of them. I don't normally do small releases like this, but I haven't posted anything in a pretty long time, so I figured I might as well make a release post for it. I end up translating any more, I'll just edit this post to add them.
Edit: Added Hiyomofu.
Edit 2: Well I ended up doing a Yuru Yuri doujin as well, so I'll just make this my "general doujin release post" for now. If I make doujin releases a regular thing, then I'll start making individual release posts for them. Also, I'm totally fine with these being uploaded to Dynasty, if anyone wants to go and do that.
Edit 3 (2016/03/12): Added Niji to Hana ga Tsumuida Kiseki.

- [Adult!] Niji to Hana ga Tsumuida Kiseki by Hiruandon/Tsuta no Ha (Symphogear): Download
- Mousou AROUND by Kohaku. (Symphogear): Download
- Hiyomofu  by Zwei (Symphogear): Download
- Amahima-Sakusaku ~13 Years After by Room#7001 (Yuru Yuri): Download