Thursday, October 4, 2012

Anaheim Girl's Love Story

I am currently working on an English translation of this unofficial Gundam yuri visual novel (official website here, not safe for work). I plan on releasing it as a simple text translation, formatted as an HTML document that can be accommodated in a browser to the side or below the game window so it can be easily followed while playing, like in this picture (click for larger).

The reason for this being that I am a translator and not a programmer or hacker or anything, I don't know how to insert the translation into the game. I tried looking up how to do it, but it would take a pretty long time to learn it and I'd rather use my time translating more stuff, so I came up with this format instead.

If anyone else would like to try hacking the VN, feel free to use my translation once it's complete and released.

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